Thomas Bergmair


About Me

I am a photographer based in a very beautiful part of Austria with a lot of nice locations ( Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls).

Apart from that I have my own Studio and Hotel-Room Location to be weather independent. ​Almost 20 years of experience - mainly focused - but not limited - on Fashion, Glamour and Art-Nude Work.

A few times a year I'm travelling abroad to work at different Locations like Mauritius, Italy, Croatia.

I am here to give YOU quality, uniqueness, and above all great customer service. I strive to go above and beyond your expectations and needs.


I made professional Shootings all over the World - Italy, Croatia, USA, Spain, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Switzerland, Ireland, Turkey, Dominican Republic - next plans include Asia and Caribbean

Worked with Misses, Models and pretty Girls from all over the World: Austria, Germany, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Russia, Mongolia, Norway, Spain, UK, Venezuela, Mauritius, South Africa, Vietnam, Slowakia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Poland, Taiwan, Canada, Nigeria, Peru, Swaziland, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Brasil, Krigistan, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Mozambique, Reunion, Trinidad and Tobago, Cameroon, Uganda, Greece, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Cuba, Ireland, Indonesia, Bali, Haiti, Dominican Republic ....